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Our approach to care at Brookdale House is centred around looking at all aspects of each individual's requirements and their personal choices. Our 'Residents Charter' and 'Philosophy Of Care' statements provide the basis to assess each client's physical, social and personal needs.

The professionalism of highly trained staff ensures the highest standards of care while maintaining that unique homely atmosphere. Each individual is treated with the utmost respect, ensuring that their worth and dignity are acknowledged.

Residents are given the level of independence, support and assistance personal to them in order to maintain a high quality of life. An in-depth discreet 24 hour monitoring system ensures that all individuals needs – whether big or small – are recorded and acted upon in accordance with their a unique individual care plan.


Brookdale House care home resident


At Brookdale House we strive to provide a homely, caring and safe environment that can easily adapt to accommodate our residents' changing needs. Our priority is to create an atmosphere that allows for freedom of expression, space and the personalisation of the individual's needs.

There is a 'young at heart' attitude to care at Brookdale House, which creates a therapeutic atmosphere not usually connected with a care home. Our goal is to provide the best for our residents and their families and we strive to offer exceptional standards of care. 

I feel very happy that my Mum is in this home. What I like about it is that you can visit anytime and the staff are all so friendly and caring. Although there are a lot of staff whenever we arrive to pick Mum up they always know how she is and where she is.
— M Hammond, 11 February 2016



We also consider links with the local community to be important in sustaining a realistic approach to life. We encourage a community spirit. Family and friends play an important and valuable role in the caring process. We encourage families to participate as much as possible.


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Moving into a care home can be daunting, which is why we invite you to come and spend a day with us (including lunch) just to see for yourself. Remember, good quality care is not just about the cost, it is about the quality of life that our elderly deserve. May we cordially invite you to visit Brookdale House at any time, no appointment needed.

Every move into the Home is a trial period, however an in-depth robust pre-assessment will highlight the needs of the individual which can lead to a successful long term placement. We provide a 'free of charge' client assessment. This may be at a hospital or a client's home. However, our experience shows that a day with us in the home (including lunch) is by far the best way for an assessment, again all free of charge.